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About River Pirate Engineering

Since 2017

Drew and Derek have been making their own fishing lures since they were old enough to operate a hand saw and rasp in their Grandpa's basement.  RPE was started in 2017 when we decided to get into tungsten terminal tackle and we have used our engineering degrees and experience to branch out into different areas since then.  Our methods have come a long ways since the bass wood and rasp days, but our goal to make original lures that work has never wavered.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to combine our passion for fishing and engineering to create products and services that serve the fishing community and further the sport.

Drew Frederixon

Founder / Owner

Drew, his wife Sara, and son Sawyer live in Rockland, WI.  His full time job is as an Engineer with Petro Energy in Onalaska, WI.  Drew and his family love spending time outdoors whether it be grilling out and chasing their two dogs in the back yard or hanging out on their land in Burr Oak.  It doesn't have to be said that they also enjoy any time on the water they can get.  Drew also loves spending time tinkering in his garage.  Drew is the more detail oriented partner, he is great at taking an idea and honing in on the fine details to get to a finished product.     

Derek Frederixon

Founder / Owner

Derek, his wife Natalie, and three kids Caleb, Annie, and Tristan live in Holmen, WI.  His full time job is as an engineer/manager at Mathy Construction.  They love going out on the Mississippi River and hanging out on the beach.  They also enjoy hanging out with their neighbors or in their pool.  Derek also loves tinkering in his garage.  He is great at conceptualizing an idea and then getting Drew to figure out the finer details.

Our Home Waters

Drew and Derek grew up in Holmen, WI in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.  They cut their teeth on the Mississippi River and Lake Onalaska.  They were also fortunate enough to vacation with their family to the lakes of Northern WI.  During college, Drew and Derek were on the UW Fishing team and had the opportunity to broaden their horizons fishing in places like Texas, Arkansas, New York, Indiana, and Virginia.  They have also developed a passion for sport fishing in the Florida Keys! 

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