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June 2022

We are working on getting our RP Squared and Speakeasy into stores, we have the product, just working on the details.  They will probably be available on Amazon first.

We have really been working on soft plastics lately.  We have a couple of swimbaits in the works, as well as a punch bug.  We have been experimenting with adding rattles to our plastics to give them that extra special something.  Currently we have been able to put them in a ned craw, swim craw, swimbait, and bug.  We are still debating on selling them.

We also love topwater, and are working on a couple of prototype baits.  Working on a fat walking the dog bait, the goal is for it to walk easy and stay in the strike zone longer.  Will add some pictures when we have a prototype.  We also are working on modifying a musky bait that we made back in the day for bass.  We used to call it the Sh**ter Critter, unsure if we can get it to work for bass, but we may make some and sell them to the musky fishing world.

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