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Custom Molds & Machining

At RPE, we specialize in custom designed lures, molds, and machining.  

Soft Plastic Mold

At RPE we use Autodesk Fusion to do our designs and to setup our machining.  If you have a modification you want to make to a current bait, or an idea for something completely new contact us and we'll get you started!  We will even 3d print a model of the lure prior to cutting a mold so that you can verify it is exactly how you want it.  We specialize in molds for lead and soft plastics, but we can create a mold for pretty much anything as long as we are cutting it out of aluminum.  Pricing for custom design varies by the project and how much time is required to do the design, mold pricing is $1.00/Cubic Inch raw material + $10 for each tool change + $10 for each Cubic Inch of machined material.  

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